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141 South Main St. Denton, NC 27239 Phone: 336-859-9000
Established 2001
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Denton School of Martial Arts Services
Tae Kwon Do
Kid Tigers
Weapon Training
     Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Art which translates as "the way of the fist and foot". TKD is a great sport for children and adults. Students can benefit from the workout, discipline, and self-defense.

     Kid Tigers is a class for children age 4 to 6 years old. This class teaches the basics of TKD training and Life Skills. Students will learn balance, coordination, and discipline.

     Hapkido is designed for 
self-defense. Students will learn realistic and versatile techniques that include striking, joint locking, pressure points, ground survival and weapon disarming.

     FMA/Filipino Martial Arts teaches the aspects of Filipino Weapons. Students will learn single stick, double stick, knife, and sword techniques.
Birthday Parties
     The kids will get a kick out of this birthday party.​ Have a Birthday Party they won't forget! Contact us for pricing and scheduling.
     Students will learn the basic fundamentals of boxing. They will receive a intense work out and professional instruction.

Our BELTS aren't ISSUED they are EARNED!